About Us

We are a home grown, all-Canadian family business. Established in 2015, three partners set out on a new adventure. The founders are John Howard, Gordon Howard and Alexis Perrin.


-John Howard

The brains of the operation, with over 40 years experience and a Niagara Parks Diploma from the School of Horticulture. John is our greenhouse manager, the guy who ensures our plants and flowers are grown to the best quality possible.


-Alexis Perrin

Our floral designer. Alexis is a graduate and holds a diploma from the Canadian Institute of Floral Design in Toronto, ON. Alexis is the creator of all the artistic pieces in our store.

-Gordon Howard

The son of John Howard, he is responsible for overseeing the business, helping John and Alexis with their creations and keeping all of us organized at Howard Florist & Greenhouses!

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